Thursday, September 17, 2009

How A-Musing!

Here is my Muse, Dippity. That is short for Serendipity.

This little creation came about in an odd way.
I was playing around with some wool roving I purchased quite some time ago. I wanted to try needle felting, but I kept stabbing my fingers, not a good thing. Sooooo, I decided to try hand felting with soap and water. I created squares of felt, with no idea in mind as to what they would become.
Hanging out with friends at a weekend art retreat I started working on a face for a funky doll, but then realized I didn't have stuffing to make a doll and set the face aside... it was set on one of the felt squares I brought with me. How amusing that face looked on the square of felt, so I stitched it in place. I created a small body for the back to give a bit to hold onto (using fabric scraps to stuff with at the time) and made legs out of the other square of felt. The legs were trimmed with a blanket stitch before being put into place. Bingo! my little Muse was born!
My muses are made with:
hand felted wool
polyester felt
poly-cotton fabric
embroidery floss
Who wouldn't love that sweet face =)
Made in a smoke-free, pet-free, child-free environment.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Story behind the Oma Patch:

When I was a little girl I noticed that all the blankets my Oma (grandmother) made had one square that was red. One day I asked her why she did that, and she said to me “It is how people know it was made by me, like a signature.” For many years I wondered how I should sign my pieces, but it always came back to that little patch of red my Oma used. In loving memory of all the joy and happiness she brought to me and shared with so many others, I hope to honor her using a little red tag, the Oma patch.