Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ulla Won!!

Ulla Won Best in Category at the University of Michigan Health System Employee Art Exhibit!
Yay Ulla!!
My day job is at the University of Michigan Medical School. We are linked to the University Hospital and share resources. It is a great honor to work for an institute that strives to better peoples lives through research and medicine.
This is the second year I have been in the Employee art exhibit and find it wonderful to see what the staff creates on their own time. We spend so much time with people at work and that environment that it may never occur to us that they are so creative when not in the office.
Congratulations to all the Artist for showing wonderful work!


  1. Pat says - It is quite wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. I saw your mermaid and pointed it out to all my co-workers. Congrats for you and Ulla!!

  3. Thanks Carla!
    I used a combination of all three of the yarns I got from you and Love the way the mermaid hair turned out. I don't think as many people noticed her in the sneak peek cube though.
    I was asked to show Peculiar Poppets and Amigurumi this fall at the hospital, so there will be more to come =)