Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Do you know I have a Facebook Fanpage?

I am not very good at keeping up with the Blog, as you can see, but I am better with the Fanpage.

Please find me on Facebook and follow me THERE, for more up to date goings on with Oma's Patch.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is learning new techniques,.
Be it by a Class, Book, Magazine, Internet, or with another person,
learning a new way of doing something adds to your mental toolbox.

Last year I picked up "mixed and stitched" by Jen Osborn
Great Book!  I have been following her work on Flickr for a while and was excited to see what she would share with us.  She did not disappoint!  She has a playful style that I really enjoy.

I have a Love for Bags, satchels to be specific, and Jen included a tutorial for a bag in her book that will help anyone use up some of the saved pieces of fabric in our stash.  You know, those pieces that are to big to toss, but not big enough for anything on its own.  Then again, why not find some fabrics you just enjoy seeing together and make it happen.
I tend to get fabric handed to me by co-workers (at the day job) and friends, and this is a playful way to put some of them together.  

 Bag #1 - using fabric given to me by my friend Lynn with a couple from my stash, So Koi =)

When I got up the next morning I found Fergus had decided it would make a nice sleeping bag.
Plushies will get into almost anything around this house and then claim it for themselves.

Bag #2 - I loved these fabric, had to get some, but haven't found a use for them yet, here is a start for them.

Bag #3 - Vintage Holly Hobbie

Bag #4 - Vintage Fairy, with a bell.

I didn't take a picture of the inside pocket, but that is one of my favorite techniques in this project, along with how the body of the bag is folded to reduce how much lining up is needed.  I'm not telling you the tricks, check out her book for yourself  ;-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fairy Tale Poppets

What is your favorite Fairy Tale?

I grew up with Grimm Fairy tales, the German versions that don't always have a happy ending, and I loved to listen to them being read to me as a kid.  There are other fairy tales and fables that have meanings hidden in the playfulness and/or adventure.  I don't know if I can pick a favorite, they tend to change depending on what my mood is.  Lately I have really drawn to Alice in Wonderland, I love the oddness in Wonderland and how off-beat the characters there are.  Accepting you do not fit into societies norms can be difficult and take time.

At the fabric store over the weekend I spotted some pink terry cloth...Perfect for pigs.  I decided to start the Fairy tale series with The Three Little Pigs.

I am making another set of ears just a bit bigger to see which size looks better.
The back is all in the pink terry cloth so that it will look like the poppet is wearing an hooded jumper (like the bunnies I made).  I am going to crochet a pink curly tail  =)
I am going dark (mostly black) for the eyes, a quirky smile, and maybe a felt piggy nose that will tie on around their head (working on that idea).
The hair is some of my handspun yarn.  The yarn is one of the batts I first spun when I got my spinning wheel.  It is a purple-ish brown.  The batts were from cjkoho designs, it was a kettle dyed set of different fibers, dyed together they produced various shades depending on the fiber.  She used a brown dye on the batch, but it produced a wonderful earthy purple.

I'm excited to see how these guys turn out, then on to the Big Bad Wolf ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oma's Patch is STUFFED

Oma's Patch is in the upcoming July 2012 issue of STUFFED magazine
Available July 1

I am finally getting published!

What will you see from Oma's Patch?

These cute guys have a two page article

An elusive Mermaid !
Only six mermaids have been spotted so far and one of them is in the gallery section.
Ainsley took a trip to California to audition and was excited to show the sparkle of her tail.

How can you get one of the really sweet toys from Oma's Patch?

At the Oma's Patch shop with Etsy!
There are a selection of Piggies available
There is only one Mermaid available right now, Periweather, since her sisters have found homes.

You can also find a selection of Peculiar Poppets.  The mermaids were a spin off of the Poppets as I started playing with my hand dyed fabrics to see how I could use them with Poppets.  Adding the texture of paints inspired the mermaids.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Favorite Things

Peculiar Poppets Playing
They love to Giggle  =)

Since I was little I loved my stuffed toys.  I didn't have barbie dolls, just wasn't my thing, but give me a plushie and I can have a blast.  
When I made clothing and costumes years ago I would make plush bunnies for gifts that were themed for the recipients.  When I started getting away from costuming I started to explore making toys.  I love to share smiles and laughter, I could not think of any better way to do that then though toys.
My latest creations have been the Peculiar Poppets.  There is no pattern so each one is a one-of-a-kind toy, even if they have the same jumper on their shape, expressions and accessories are always different.  If I use a found object or vintage item for the accessory it becomes even more unique.  Once the toy is complete they get a few sentences to describe their personality.  You can see Heinrick above, he like butterflies.  He visits botanical gardens to enjoy the plants at look for butterflies.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Favorite Things

I have not been keeping up with my blog well, I will be trying to do better in the future.  I have hit a health hiccup that is hindering my creating for a few weeks, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things with you.

Let us start with Melanie:

She is my Great Niece and will be turning two in May.  She is amazingly smart (and I'm not just saying that because she is related to me), she will try to puzzle things out to understand them and is very observant.  She is of course a sweetheart and a doll.  Many of her expressions remind me of my niece when she was little.  Such great fun to see little ones discover the world.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fiberlishous Weekend

Wool and Wine Tasting... mmmmmm
Sounds delish in soooo many ways,
let me count the loveliness.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
I was on the hunt for color this time and I did rather well, with a couple warmer tones of burgundy and dark orange for to sooth my love of autumn colors.

I have been all out of fibers and really wanting to spin, so I wasted no time and got to work on this beautiful blue and green superwash merino called Henrietta.  She is in a ball right now just to stretch out the fibers a bit more, she will be wrapped as a skein and put into my luulla shop soon  =)

Isn't she lovely?

I have been working hard to make sure I am not over-spinning the yarn and I am really happy with the outcome.  Once I get her wrapped back up as a skein I will show her off again.