Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspired by Goldfish Crackers!

Nom Nom Nom....

Plate of goldfish =9
Can't eat these ones though, well I guess you could if you wanted a bit of dry mouth.

I made some penguins a few weeks back and it has been bugging me that I did not have any fish for them to snack on. While these ones are a bit big for them they are cute. I think I will dig out my thinner yarn to whip up some fish for the penguins.

Another inspiration with these fish is that I was thinking of displaying them in a glass bowl with blue marbles on the bottom, a co-worker suggested a crochet bowl... even though you can't see through the crocheted bowl I like her suggestion of a color game with a child, have the fish in different colors (like the yummy rainbow goldfish crackers) and they can put them in the fish bowl. I think I will crochet the bottom section of the bowl in blue like water and the upper area in white. I was thinking when I change colors I will section off the inside and stuff it to help with the structure. I hope I can get this done in time for the hospital show inventory list which is due Monday. I want to have all the items complete when I turn in the list, nothing holding over my head.

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