Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fairy Tale Poppets

What is your favorite Fairy Tale?

I grew up with Grimm Fairy tales, the German versions that don't always have a happy ending, and I loved to listen to them being read to me as a kid.  There are other fairy tales and fables that have meanings hidden in the playfulness and/or adventure.  I don't know if I can pick a favorite, they tend to change depending on what my mood is.  Lately I have really drawn to Alice in Wonderland, I love the oddness in Wonderland and how off-beat the characters there are.  Accepting you do not fit into societies norms can be difficult and take time.

At the fabric store over the weekend I spotted some pink terry cloth...Perfect for pigs.  I decided to start the Fairy tale series with The Three Little Pigs.

I am making another set of ears just a bit bigger to see which size looks better.
The back is all in the pink terry cloth so that it will look like the poppet is wearing an hooded jumper (like the bunnies I made).  I am going to crochet a pink curly tail  =)
I am going dark (mostly black) for the eyes, a quirky smile, and maybe a felt piggy nose that will tie on around their head (working on that idea).
The hair is some of my handspun yarn.  The yarn is one of the batts I first spun when I got my spinning wheel.  It is a purple-ish brown.  The batts were from cjkoho designs, it was a kettle dyed set of different fibers, dyed together they produced various shades depending on the fiber.  She used a brown dye on the batch, but it produced a wonderful earthy purple.

I'm excited to see how these guys turn out, then on to the Big Bad Wolf ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. And I thought the sock piggies were awesome - super size piggies! I think these are going to be awesome, the whole series sounds fantastic! :)