Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oma's Patch is STUFFED

Oma's Patch is in the upcoming July 2012 issue of STUFFED magazine
Available July 1

I am finally getting published!

What will you see from Oma's Patch?

These cute guys have a two page article

An elusive Mermaid !
Only six mermaids have been spotted so far and one of them is in the gallery section.
Ainsley took a trip to California to audition and was excited to show the sparkle of her tail.

How can you get one of the really sweet toys from Oma's Patch?

At the Oma's Patch shop with Etsy!
There are a selection of Piggies available
There is only one Mermaid available right now, Periweather, since her sisters have found homes.

You can also find a selection of Peculiar Poppets.  The mermaids were a spin off of the Poppets as I started playing with my hand dyed fabrics to see how I could use them with Poppets.  Adding the texture of paints inspired the mermaids.