Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peculiar Poppet Progress v.3

Time to start adding some personality to these happy little ones  =)

During this step of the process I add the hand-stitching to the faces, that starts with a quirky little smile.
I then choose buttons for their eyes, I love to use ones that are different sizes and don't match, makes them a bit more curious.  I choose a color of embroidery floss and stitch around one of the white area (inside, on, or around the edge) and add the smaller button for that eye, then I stitch the bigger button into the other white area.  I try to place the buttons in their eye area to look somewhat random, to add to the playful nature of their expression.
Their face is now complete so I move on to the hair selection.  I LOVE to use handspun and art yarns for this, it really makes them unique and draws your attention to the details within the yarn.  I look at the body fabric and facial expression and try to pair up a yarn then will bring out the next level of personality for them.

Next process includes adding the hair, and stitching together


  1. They are so expressive, they just make me giggle to look at them.

  2. Thanks =)
    In my head I think of just a giggle fest of them running around the house as I try to chase them down, hee hee