Friday, November 11, 2011

Peculiar Poppet Progress v.4

Bringing them to life!

With right sides together I pin and stitch around the body with arms and hair on the inside.  Pinning and stitching around the hairline is a bit tricky, the more hair the more patience.  I leave a small opening on one  side under the arm to turn and stuff and while stitching around I add my small red Oma patch around the hip area of the other side.   I stitch over the hair yarn a few times to make sure everything is secure.
I trim the hair yarn across the top and the fabric around the curved areas then turn the doll right side out.  They are a bit flat without their plush, but with hair and arms in place the personalities are really starting to come out.
Next is time to Stuff the doll, tack down the hands and add embellishments.