Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Excitement in the Giraffe cube

The exhibit at the University Hospital is going well, all the Giraffes have sold.  Looks like one of them was trying to give a kiss to one of the kids in the area.

I is great to be able to visit the exhibit on random days during lunch.  I feels really rewarding to have people walk by and smile, or stop to take a closer look.  One day an employee was talking on her cell phone and pacing in the center area of the cubes, almost like it was giving her a big hug of comfort.
Life is Good !!


  1. Congratulations! They look fantastic - and I've no doubt that everyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling when they look at your work. :)

    I love the way you set up the scene inside the cube - adorable!

  2. Thanks Lynn =)

    I want the plushies to feel playful, a boring wood floor just wouldn't do for them =)