Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trip to the Fiber Expo

It is very rare that I spend less then an hour to drive to a fiber expo, sometime only a half hour if it is the somewhat local spinning group that does shows a few times a year.  This weekend there was the Fiber Expo at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds, Yippie!  Only and 8 minute drive, it is almost as fast as running to the market!  I wish I could have justified spending more money on the soft, lovely fibers, but I was able to get some goodies that made me Very Happy.

Earlier this year Lynn and I were at a fiber show and she asked a vendor what the Lucet was and received an impromptu lesson.  I found some itty bitty teeny tiny ones and thought they would be a wonderful accessory for some of the Peculiar Poppets, they do know how to knit after all, so why not making I-cords with the lucet.   Hee hee, aren't they cute:

My main objective was to hunt down Emily from Bricolage Studios for an orifus hook and soft goodness.  I found her busy carding new batts and picked one up with the hook, along with some soft textures to add to the spinning, Oooooooo, Aaaaaaaaaa :

I think I am going to play a bit more with my spinning before I grab onto the Bricolage goodness, I want to do the fibers justice in the end result.
Well I am off to the wheel to spin!!!


  1. aw kate!!! you are so sweet and it was lovely to see you again! I love my little piggy and was showing him to everyone. :D Thank you again!

  2. It was great to see you again Emily! Glad your little piggy was behaving and not munching on the batts =)