Saturday, October 8, 2011

Peculiar Poppet Progress

Work in Progress... The Process

I'm working on another batch of Peculiar Poppets, so I thought I would share part of my process with you.
I don't use a pattern for the doll, just my playful sketch with notes written around the image. I did create an arm pattern since I want those to be a bit more consistent. The rest is all a general shape.
I love tea dyed fabric for the flesh-tone, so after cooking up a batch, drying and ironing I am ready to go.
I cut the rectangles for the bodies and head sections and trace the arm pattern along a strip of the tea dyed fabric.
Now off to the sewing machine to stitch the arms, trim and turn.


  1. Thanks for sharing that - I love seeing other people's sketches! :) And I love that plaid fabric on top - yummy!

  2. Thanks Lynn =)
    The fall colors are nice on that one, I know the perfect funky hair to go with it too!